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Our exclusive Real Estate and Entrepreneurial Success Hypnosis Collection is meticulously crafted Ericksonian Hypnosis, with powerful suggestions to Transform your mind and business. This is the key to unlocking the limitless potential within you and turbocharging your real estate and business success.

Expertly Crafted

Powerful inductions, Deepeners and Exits

Powerful Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

Thes suggestions, embedded commands go deep into your subconscious mind

Vivid Imagery

Exciting your other-than-conscious mind with vivid images and emotional storytelling.

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  1. Master Your Mindset: Cultivate a resilient entrepreneurial spirit that thrives amidst challenges and setbacks, turning failures into valuable lessons and growth opportunities.
  2. Boost Your Intuition: Sharpen your analytical skills and intuition to identify the most profitable property investments, ensuring consistent high returns on your assets.
  3. Unlock Creative Financing: Discover innovative financing strategies to secure funding for your real estate ventures, ensuring your projects never stall due to financial constraints.
  4. Enhance Productivity & Time Management: Develop laser-sharp focus and unwavering discipline to achieve your real estate goals with unparalleled efficiency.
  5. Mitigate Risks: Gain the ability to accurately assess and mitigate risks in your investments, ensuring long-term success and stability in your portfolio.
  6. Stay Ahead of Market Trends: Enhance your market insight and intuition to anticipate trends and shifts, making informed decisions to consistently outperform expectations.
  7. Develop Magnetic Charisma: Build a vast network of powerful allies and partners by attracting valuable connections through your irresistible influence and charisma.
  8. Supercharge Your Motivation: Stay driven and passionate, overcoming any obstacles that stand between you and the success you deserve in real estate investing.


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About Dug 

Dug McGuirk is a highly sought-after motivational speaker, transformational coach, and personal development expert, dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential and achieve lasting success. With a strong background in real estate investment, entrepreneurship, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and hypnosis, Dug combines his multifaceted expertise to create a unique and powerful approach to personal transformation.

Having worked alongside industry giants like Tony Robbins, Dug is known for his unparalleled ability to inspire and empower clients, guiding them through transformative experiences. His dynamic, engaging, and compassionate approach to coaching has earned him a loyal following and the respect of his peers in the personal development field.

As the creator of the Ultimate Real Estate and Entrepreneurial Success Hypnosis Collection, Dug has crafted a series of hypnotic sessions designed to awaken the inner Creative Financing Genius within each listener. This innovative and highly effective program blends Dug's extensive knowledge of hypnosis, NLP, personal growth strategies, and real-world business acumen to empower individuals to transcend their limitations and manifest wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

With Dug's unwavering commitment to personal growth and his innate ability to connect deeply with clients, you can trust him as a reliable and influential figure in the world of personal development. Embark on this hypnotic journey with Dug and experience a transformative journey that will unlock your true potential, guiding you towards a life of unlimited success and fulfillment in both real estate and entrepreneurial ventures.

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