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At U Rock Speaking, you will learn...

  • What's been holding you back this entire time
  • What to do about it, if you want your business to thrive like never before
  • Strategies to soar past your competition and look good doing it
  • Set the stage for world domination
  • Create raving fans through radical engagement
  • Create unstoppable confidence and master the art of leadership
  • Develop your signature talk
  • Know and develop your strengths to become unstoppable
  • Rock Social Media and marketing wizardry

  • 6 Weekly Zoom calls Tues Eves from 7 - 9pm EST

  • Clear and actionable sessions

  • One on One personal attention with the group
  • Hot seat coaching to help you get laser focused
  • Invaluable feedback regarding your messaging and delivery
  • Know the difference and approach to Virtual vs In Person presenting
  • Master the Technologies necessary to ROCK your presentation
  • Sessions are recorded and you will have access forever
  • Bonus content - Freedom Hack program
"All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Want to communicate with confidence and unleash your passion winsomely? Enter Dug McGuirk and his coaching program to master public speaking.

In our reshaped Covid19 world, digital presence is more critical now than ever. Along with this heightened development, the ability to present yourself with professionalism and conviction is absolutely indispensable to success. It’s not hard to see why he’s worked with the likes of Tony Robbins - You Too, can experience his unique ability to facilitate breakthroughs in your confidence, messaging and delivery.

Dug’s passion and energy are not only contagious and inspiring but his insights are immediately actionable personally and professionally. I for one didn’t think I could overcome my personal challenges in these areas and now I have the breakthroughs and increased self-confidence to prove anyone can enhance their best selves with the right influence and help. I can’t thank Dug enough for giving me the personalized encouragement I needed to develop and hone such in-demand skills! Highly recommended! ❤️🔥🤘😁"

John O'Brien

"Dug reminds me of that old commercial for Beatrice - we don’t make the product, we just make it better.

Dug’s energy and enthusiasm for his craft is a true inspiration that makes his students reach deep inside themselves to find their best message to their potential clients!
He uses easy to implement exercises and gives great suggestions for how your true message can be shaped in not only a better way, but also one that best communicates your “why” and differentiates you from the crowd.

Thank you Dug and I believe others can be just as inspired as me after working with him!"


Erik Perlman

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