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BreakThru Speaker Bootcamp!

Six Essential Elements to Virtual Mastery and ROCKSTAR Speaking Online and in person!

Are you tired of seeing people less talented than you pass you by in speaking success?

In today's world, competition is fierce both in person and Online!  Stand out from the crowd and explode your business by speaking and sharing your unique story!  Do you know that you have a life changing message that needs to get out to the world but you don't know how to cut through the noise?

Do you want to earn a consistent income doing what you love?  Are you ready to grow your business utilizing your most valuable asset - You, Your voice and presence!

BreakingThru the Virtual and Online NOISE has never been more important! 

Learn How to BreakThru Now

What do you and Tony Robbins have in common?

Aside from your mutual friend Dug, you are a heart centered entrepreneur too and long to make difference in the lives of millions of people around the world.  

The difference between you and Tony is that he has Mastered his messaging, his engagement strategies and passion and now you can too.

Having worked directly with and personally trained by Tony for many years, I've learned the specific skills and strategies necessary to breakthrough to the next level and now I'm going to share them with you! 

After working on multiple Grammy winning records, touring the country in multiple successful rock bands and...

As a Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and board certified in Neo Ericksonian Hypnosis and an International Speaker and Trainer, both in person and virtually, I will share the secret sauce to being the most effective and engaging speaker to BreakThru the noise and BE the ROCKSTAR you are destined to be!

If you're going to have an Impact, you MUST Master 6 Essential Elements both Virtually and On Stage!  

We are committed to your success!  Unlike many speaker trainings that just train skills, in this exclusive, highly personal experience we are going to help you become a ROCKSTAR by teaching you how to:

  • Set the stage for world domination

  • Create raving fans through radical engagement

  • Create unstoppable confidence and master the art of leadership

  • Develop your signature talk

  • Know and develop your strengths to become unstoppable.

  • Rock Social Media and  become a marketing wizard

How it works...

  • 6 Weekly Zoom calls Tues Eves from 7 - 9pm EST
  • Clear and actionable sessions
  • One on One personal attention with the group
  • Hot seat coaching to help you get laser focused
  • Invaluable feedback regarding your messaging and delivery
  • Sessions are recorded and you will have access forever
  • Complete the Course with a 1.5 day Bootcamp to apply and practice
  • Bonus content - Freedom Hack program - Create Emotional, Spiritual & Financial Freedom

Essential Element 1: Set the stage for world domination

  • Learn the key ingredients to breaking though the barriers of the interwebs to reach your ideal clients.
  • Master the tech issues that prevent you from internet ROCKstardom
  • Align your branding with your target market
  • Awaken and Release your inner ROCKSTAR!

Essential Element 2: Create raving fans through radical engagement

  • How to read your people through the screen
  • Brand new ways of sparking participation
  • How to hook your audience immediately
  • Learn unique connection exercises
  • How to keep them excited and anticipating your every word

Essential Element 3: Create unstoppable confidence and master the art of leadership

  • Learn how to consistently guide your audience to your desired outcome
  • Uncover, anticipate and meet your audience’s deepest desires
  • Learn some secrets to influencing from stage and screen

Essential Element 4: Develop your signature talk

  • Master the art of storytelling
  • Get crystal clarity on your purpose.
  • Know who you help and exactly how you help them and learn how to say that in a way that resonates on the deepest level.
  • Learn the exact step by step formula for predictable success.
  • Connect and inspire to motivate your audience to take massive action.

Essential Element 5: Know and develop your strengths to become unstoppable.

  • Real time practice and analysis of your signature talk.
  • Invaluable feedback for the 2 millimeter game changing shifts.
  • Personalized action plan for implementing perfection.

Essential Element 6: Social Media and marketing wizardry

  • Use your unique gifts to attract the right clients
  • Understand and do only what makes sense, saving time and energy.
  • Develop your content to keep them coming back.

Clarity is Power

You've got to know who you help and exactly how you uniquely help them to set you apart from everyone else!

Invaluable Feedback

Sometimes you can't see the forest from the trees and it takes an expert to put it all into focus

Individualized Attention

Just like your unique message, you have unique needs.  An intimate environment allows for one on one coaching and personal development!

Take action Now

If you are ready to explode your business through speaking on stage or on video, this is definitely for you.  Learn the secrets from the Masters.

This highly personal and intensive is currently delivered virtually and will have a live in person experience soon.

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Learn How To BreakThru Now