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We all have heard the term: Your Network IS

Your Networth! 

Why is that?  Simply put, when you spend time around Success, the thinking, beliefs, actions, and energy rubs off on you.


Network Your Way to Wealth Free Training

This is the secret to Success and how to Speed Up Success. 

Sadly, we can sometimes get stuck in our heads, running old programs that prevent us from moving powerfully forward.

We MUST break the cycle!  If you do not, not only won't you improve your finances, everything in your business and personal life will crumble. 

Imagine receiving high-level training from Master Coaches and feedback from the brilliant minds of a community that genuinely wants to see you succeed!   

A community that authentically celebrates your success and offers real resources to expedite your results.  This is a tribe of Revolutionary Thinkers that do not accept Status Quo. 

We are aligned in the Spiritual Mission of Adding Value through our God-given Talents and living into our

highest Spiritual Calling.

Tap into The MentorMind™ to exponentially grow your income, build incredible relationships, get solutions to personal and professional challenges, and unleash your true Genius to have it all and give back to leave your ROCKSTAR Legacy! 

A place to Serve, Grow and Learn.  Exponentially increase your income as you Gain and receive new perspectives and resources.

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The MentorMind™ is a New and Revolutionary combination of powerful training and community.  A Turbo-charged Mastermind on Steroids! 

Exponentially Increase Your Income and Network!


  • 6 Month weekly Premium Personalized Business Incubator & Accelerator

  • One on one private strategic coaching session with Master Mentor

  • 12 Premium Business Trainings (bimonthly)

    • NLP Tips

    • Mastering Your Message

    • Speaking Training

    • Relationship Development

    • Sales and Marketing Expert insight

    • Networking Strategies

  • 12 Round Table Hot Seat discussions (Bi Monthly)

  • Monthly Networking with purpose calls (Open to Public as well)

  • Special Celebrity Guests

  • Access to training Library and additional Resources.

  • Access to live events to be scheduled

Premium Personalized Business Incubator & Accelerator 

Get deep inside of your business and get the tools, training, and resources you need for your specific situations and business.

Next Level Networking

You have heard the term "Your Network is Your Networth"  This group is worth millions in referrals, resources, and JV possibilities.

Deep Dive Hot Seats

Bring your challenges to the group and gain access to the Genius of the collective and their resources and expertise.

Is The MentorMind™ Right for You?

Are you ready to Unleash Your Genius and exponentially grow your income and resources as you tap into the Brilliance of The MentorMind™ masters and community!?!  Let's connect and find out if you are ready to Join The Revolution!

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Why immerse yourself in The MentorMind™ now...


You know you have massive potential to earn and serve even more.  Perhaps you have achieved success by most people's standards and yet you still feel there is more to live and give.  Your business is thriving and you want to share your God-given gifts and at the same time get high-level training and feedback to increase your results in every way.  You may also be earlier in your journey and recognize the best and fastest way to ramp up success is to immerse yourself in a successful environment that is not only super supportive, but also offers training, resources, and a place to hone your skills and acumen.  In The MentoMind™, you will gain access to even more confidence, self-worth, financial and emotional Freedom!

All boats rise and fall with the tide.  The MentorMind™ is an ocean of itself.  All members are of a different breed in that we deliver results, not excuses.  Our mission is aligned with our Spiritual Highest Calling.  If you are ready to uplevel and upskill your life in every way, as well as contribute, The MentorMind™ is a MUST for you.  Remember, we can't do this alone.  In order to get results you have not yet received, you must do things you have not yet done.  In order to do things you have not yet done, you must become someone you have not yet been.  You will speed up your transformation by surrounding yourself with masters that their normal is what you Aspire to and be in a position to get their feedback and insights.

Your Facilitators - Dug & Heidi

Your guides on this journey are Dug and Heidi McGuirk. 

Heidi not only has incredible corporate and entrepreneurial business building experience and prowess, but her unequalled talents in messaging and drilling down to your core offers are also only exceeded by her talent in relationships and training coaches in her LYFE Coaching program.

Having spent several years on the road as one of Tony Robbin's top trainers and speakers, Dug has also been trained by the people that trained Tony in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and the Breakthrough technology that is so transformational.  Dug also runs corporate training for Sales teams, Leadership, Customer Service, and Team Building, and breakthrough experiences that are usually not available to entrepreneurs.

Collectively Dug & Heidi are more than just a team, they are a force to be reckoned with and create the space and coaching for Massive Breakthroughs!

Join The Revolution and Be part of this Next-Level Community

Commit now to MASSIVE Transformation of your Professional and Personal Life as you learn, grow, and serve!  Explode your business, exponentially grow your income, and leave your

Rockstar legacy! 

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