Revolutionary Family Program

A comprehensive program to equip, educate and empower people impacted by another's addiction


Are you a hero?


  • Have you run to the rescue?
  • Do you want to understand everything you can about addiction so you can save your loved one?
  • Have you tried numerous times to “fix” this?
  • Will you go to any length to help your loved one get well? 
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Calling all heroes...

One thing’s for sure. If you’re here, more than likely, you’ve been acting as the hero in your family.  You have been attempting to come to the rescue for your addicted loved one and you’re looking for more tools for your tool belt.

It's people like you, searching for answers, trying your best to help, that eventually do the most good in the fight against addiction.

We want to recognize you and tell you that we’re glad you’re here. 

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Have You Been an Enabler?

  • Do you minimize and pretend it’s not that bad with your loved one?

  • Have you blamed their addiction on other things, places, or people?

  • Do you think the addiction is your fault?

  • Do you rescue out of guilty feelings?

  • Do you find yourself feeling victimized by your loved one?

  • Have you neglected yourself or other people to focus solely on your addicted loved one?

  • Have you rationalized their addiction?

  • Do you believe your loved one’s excuses?

  • Have you swept things under the rug?
  • Have you done just about anything to keep the peace?
  • Have you bailed them out of trouble? Paying legal fees? Hiring attorneys? Making excuses at work?
  • Do you pay your loved one’s expenses? (Rent, food, clothing?)
  • Have you taken your loved one in and attempted to “clean them up?”
  • Has your loved one gone to treatment and you took care of everything while they were gone?
  • Is your loved one addicted and you run the household alone?
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Enabling is a trap that hurts your loved one’s chances of recovery and leaves you feeling...

Completely Overwhelmed - Sad - Frustrated - Confused - Hopeless - Bitter - Resentful - Depressed - Numb - Anxious - Disgusted - Alone - Unappreciated - Used and Abused

And the worst part is…

It’s totally ineffective when it comes to helping your loved one get better!


You just want to know how to help….

That’s why we’ve created the Revolutionary Family Program.

The Revolutionary Family Program is an incredibly effective 4 module - go at your own pace - training program for families with addicted loved ones. 
The goal of the program is to equip you with all of the tools, strategies, and information you need to fight the disease of addiction more effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program is for anyone dealing with an addicted loved one who wants to know what to do to help.

Inside the program, you will find answers to questions like:
  • How do I set and hold a boundary?
  • How and why do people get addicted?
  • How many times does someone need treatment?
  • When is my loved one ready to come home?
  • What if I don’t want my loved one home right now?
  • What do I do when I see that the writing is on the wall to a relapse?
  • Where do I go with my anger?
  • How do I rebuild trust?
  • When is it okay to express what I’m feeling?
  • Can I make someone relapse?
  • What do I do when someone relapses?
  • How can I best support my loved one’s recovery?

No worries! All of the trainings are recorded and available for you to listen to or watch at your leisure. And once you join, you will have access to go through them at your own pace.

Many families who go through our program say they have never experienced anything like it. This program is unlike any other family program partly due to the teachers. Heidi and Dug McGuirk lend a unique perspective that only they can. They have been personally trained by the world’s leaders in human transformation and self-help. They bring 20 years of experience in this arena to the addiction field.

Once you join the program, you will have immediate access to the trainings modules and supporting materials.


Of course! We recommend you go to Al Anon. But remember that Al Anon is a group of peers. While there is value in that, there is also tremendous value in working with addiction professionals to get your specific questions answered.

Inside the program, you’ll gain insights into addiction that most people don’t have access to.


Once you join the program, you will be given immediate access to all of the trainings and materials. You can then go through the program at your own pace. The training is easy to understand and easy to implement.

Who are my teachers?

What is inside the program?

Laying The Foundation

Module 1 has 8 Chapters focused on what addiction is and how it happens.

Digging Even Deeper, Why and How We Do What We Do

In Module 2 Dug will take you even deeper into understanding why and how we do what we do.

Understanding YOUR Role In Recovery and Beyond

Module 3 helps you understand the roles families play in addiction. A deeper dive into helping vs hurting.

How To Manage Your Emotions

This is the final module where we share how you can apply this learning.

Bonus Coaching Content

8 individual webinars of bonus content breaking down the material even further.

Bonus Hypnotherapy

Here are a few Hypnosis mp3's as part of your bonus material

Bonus Module Sunday

Introducing our Sunday process. A few short videos that puts it all together.

What can the program do for me?

Addiction is a family disease, in that, it effects everyone in the family, not just the addict or alcoholic. Everyone feels the effects.

And addiction is like a thief. It steals your peace, your sanity and robs you of your trust. You’re left shaking your head, wondering what to do.

We created the Online Family Program after teaching our highly successful 3 day live workshop at Palm Partners Treatment Center in Delray Beach, Florida for the past five years. Although the benefits families have reported are varied, here are some common themes…

Benefits of the program include:

  • Understand addiction
  • Know exactly what behaviors are enabling and which behaviors are helpful
  • Figure out how to rebuild trust
  • Know when to believe what your loved one is telling you
  • How to stop feeling guilty
  • How to stop being manipulated
  • How to encourage recovery without enabling
  • How to move on from hurt and betrayal
  • What specific action steps to take in order to get help for a loved one
  • What recovery should and shouldn’t look like
  • What to get involved in and what to leave alone and allow your loved one to take care of (bills, lawyers, legal affairs).
  • How to remain optimistic and hopeful
  • How to notice relapse behavior
  • What to do when someone relapses
  • How to set a boundary
  • How to hold the bottom line.
  • How long recovery takes and what to expect
  • How to have tough conversations with kids or other family members
  • What role halfway houses play in recovery and how to choose a good one
  • What to pay for and what to expect your loved one to pay for in recovery
  • Why people relapse
  • Why can’t my loved one just stop?
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We Are Here To Support You

Are you seeking support and answers to the challenges of dealing with a loved one, who has an addiction problem? Through the Revolutionary Family Program we will provide you with the opportunity to learn and talk about it.


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