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Elevate your Purpose into Prosperity as a coach, speaker, trainer, and healer.


Acquire and master coaching skills, craft compelling marketing messages, build a thriving business, and transform your Purpose and Passion into Prosperity. It's time to Unleash Your True Rockstar.


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You have a gift inside you that longs to serve others. As a coach, speaker, trainer or healer, you can transform lives by sharing your unique talents. But how do you turn your purpose into a prosperous living?

At Empowered Coach University, we guide you each step of the way. Our proven framework helps you:

  • Polish your coaching and speaking abilities to maximize impact

  • Craft marketing messages that magnetically attract ideal clients

  • Build scalable business systems for growth and abundance

  • Develop the mindset to unlock your inner rockstar

Join our compassionate community of world-changers. With our support, you can prosper through purpose and create the difference you were born to make in the world. The journey begins here. Your destiny is waiting - unlock it today!

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Master Transformational Coaching Skills That Get Results
Our complete coaching curriculum gives you the tools to facilitate powerful change, including:
NLP Techniques to Quickly Build Rapport and Trust
Advanced Coaching Models For Leading Breakthrough Sessions
Practice Drills to Hone Your Coaching Skills
Optimized Messaging to Attract Your Ideal Clients
We also equip you to turn your gifts into a profitable business:
Business Building Modules to Establish Your Coaching Practice
Marketing Roadmaps for Generating Leads
Systems for Delivering Programs That Sell
With the proven framework of Empowered Coach University, you can confidently start making an impact - and income - with your coaching.

Build Confidence to Step Into Your Purpose

Imagine standing confidently on stage, delivering your signature talk that brings your audience to tears and to their feet. Or leading a workshop that inspires real breakthroughs in the lives of others.

At ECU, our proven personal development training helps you find the courage and conviction to share your gifts with the world.

You'll discover how to:

Quiet your inner critic so self-doubt never holds you back

Craft your soul-stirring signature story

Spread your message far and wide through speaking engagements

Develop life-changing transformational programs

Make an income while making an enormous impact.

Stay Focused and Motivated With Ongoing Support

Transformational coaching is deeply personal work. You need more than an online course - you need community and mentorship.

That’s why our hybrid training model includes:

A tight-knit peer community for camaraderie and masterminding

Live coaching calls to stay accountable to your goals

Email access to our compassionate faculty

Audio and video trainings for learning on the go

🚀Monthly challenges to put your skills into action

We don’t just teach you strategies for success - we walk beside you on the path and cheer you forward. Our blended learning format keeps you engaged, energized and empowered.

With persistent support in your corner, you can confidently turn pro as a coach and make the income breakthrough you’ve been dreaming of. We’ve got your back!

Your Purposeful Prosperity Awaits - Discover How in 20 Minutes

You feel the call deep within - it's time to turn your talents into transformation for others. We'll show you the repeatable coaching business model to prosper through purpose - no guess work required.

Join us for a 20-minute Purpose Breakthrough Session and discover:

Our step-by-step path for becoming a highly paid transformational coach

How our renowned faculty will guide you each step of the training

Inspiring stories from our graduates now thriving financially and making an impact

Invest just 20 minutes now to unlock your purposeful prosperity. You know you're ready. The impact you dream of making and the income you deserve is closer than you think.

Reserve your Purpose Breakthrough Session now and take the first step toward your destiny!

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From Dug & Heidi:

"To us, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.  We are here to equip you with the tools and resources to succeed!"


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Now Is Your Moment - Transform Purpose into Prosperity

You feel deep down that you're meant for something more. More impact. More freedom. More joy.
The time is now - allow your purpose to guide you toward prosperous living.
Join Empowered Coach University today and unlock:
Complete training to master transformational coaching skills
  • Proven business building framework to establish your practice
  • Tight-knit community of change-makers to champion your growth
  • Direct mentorship for navigating every milestone
Don't let another year slip by unfulfilled. Step fully into your potential now and prosper through purpose at last.
The first step begins when you register for Empowered Coach University. Claim your destiny - limited spots remain!
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